Generative Artwork by Freny Antony

KITCHEN.VIDEO is a new-age, multi-disciplinary video lab, a collaboration bringing together a highly inspired team of dreamers ready to take on the communication needs of an ever-evolving world. After having run Apostrophe Films, one of the most sought-after production companies in advertising and branded content for 15 successful years, founder director Koushik Sarkar established KITCHEN.VIDEO, with a desire to become more than a production company, to facilitate the journey and experience of realising a vision, together.

Avishek Ghosh
Managing Partner
Avishek graduated from the prestigious Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, specialising in Editing after topping the faculty of Mass Communication from St. Xavier’s College, University of Kolkata. Being a part of the advertising production business for over twenty years now, he has led businesses and shaped creative production in various international and national collaborations across formats before coming on board as a partner at Kitchen.Video. He says, “It has been a fun and exciting journey and I am looking forward to innovating, creating and coming up with solutions - be it creative, management or production driven.”

Jerry Antony
Direction Associate
Jerry is a storyteller and visual communicator, who has a master’s degree in Animation Film Design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Pune University. Born in Kerala and raised in Maharashtra, Jerry has had a multicultural upbringing that reflects in his work. He likes to read, travel, and explore other mediums to find new narratives from the spaces and people he comes across. He has worked with research projects around experimental narratives during his academics and is now realizing his creativity as a film-maker.
Ramamoorthy Iyer
Head of Accounts
Ramamoorthy has 32 years of experience in working in the advertising industry, out of which he worked in a multinational agency for 18 years followed by various production houses for the next 14 years. As the head of accounts in various production houses, he always epitomised honesty and diligence but with a smiling face ready to greet any person at any time - a rare quality these days. He is the backbone when it comes to the working mechanism at Kitchen. Video and is an invaluable asset to the team.